samedi 22 août 2009

DisCo Discovery - The Dream Catcher

This is now time for the 3rd part of our Desintegration Collaboration from Seth Apter on The Altered Page: The Discovery !!!
The story started for me in March 09 with a bundle of materials hanged on the balcony during a couple of months. In May 09, all artists shared virtually the evolution of their bundles. The last challenge from Seth was to create something new with it and to reveal in August.I like the idea of Desintegration and even more the Re-invention. Some things needs to die in our lives. Dying is not the end. This is re-birth.
The Dream Catcher reflects this period of my life. I discovered my spirituality and mission in life. This is a new blanck page to write with new dreams to catch. I wanted something very "airy" ... in suspension ... No real lines and walls... Everything evolves with sun and wind over the days as like is. Violet color reflects my aura. The Dream Catcher dimention is 1.5 x 1.5 meter.

The Dream Catcher can be considered as my prayer for the future.

Bundle in March 09Bundle in May 09

4 commentaires:

nanou34 a dit…

d'une grand poésie dommage que je ne puisse lire l'anglais!
merci pour ton texte poétique il va être en ligne lundi sur le forum MM

Seth a dit…

Great piece! I love the thought behind it and all the little details. Thanks so much for being a part of this. I have added a link to to this post on my blog.

Christine a dit…

de la poésie, de la force... contente de pouvoir à nouveau rencontrer tes créations... welcome back

Dapsaëlle♥ a dit…

J'aime beaucoup ton capteur de rêves, ainsi que l'univers de ton blog!
Bonne continuation.