jeudi 12 novembre 2009

Swap d'automne (... how NY is back in my life!)

Yesterday was a foggy day in here. All grey, even the mailbox. However, as soon as I opened it, sun enlighted my day ! A parcel from overseas !!! .... I rush the stairs up and discovered treasures from Autumn swap, on Sofia's initiative. OMG .... The parcel is from Brooklyn ! And all my souvenirs from NYC are coming back in a second! I have a deep love relationship with the city ! This is where my new life started, this is where the energy is, where the creation/inspiration is ... oh NYC ... I went there 3 times in 2 years !This is also time to thank the fabulous artist who sent the parcel, Odette NY, a jewellery creator ! I am now the owner of a cute little purple neckless that I can't wait to wear !!! Thank you so much ! It touched my heart that you wrote in French ! :-) Thank you also for all these cocooning things and the cd ! The tags and map are collections I love to do when abroad ... Little diamonds of vacation. Thanks again!

And here is what I sent to Sofia, another fabulous artist and organizer of this swap. Kisses to both of you! :)

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jennifer a dit…

Oh, so happy everything arrived safe and sound! Hope you enjoy it all. The little necklace is one of mine, made of five stacked amethysts. Looks like Sofia is a lucky lady to receive a package from you...