jeudi 28 juillet 2011

Harmonies Lumineuses - Repost

En souvenir de cette fabuleuse aventure, et aussi à l'initiative de Seth, je reposte ce billet de septembre 2010.



Une fois n'est pas coutume, la cigale a travaillé tout l'été. De recherches en découvertes, de plaisir en émotions, une petite collection de toiles a vu le jour. Aujourd'hui, voici le temps du partage. Je me réjouis de vous rencontrer pour le

Vernissage le 21 octobre 2010 de 18h30 à 21h00 
73, rue de Saint-Jean

N'hésitez pas à en parler autour de vous et à venir accompagné ! 

7 commentaires:

Meliss a dit…

Bonjour! That's about all the french I know except for a few goofy things my friends and I made up when we took french in high school - like 'Je suis a la grande ban-dad' - we decided it said, 'I am a big band-aid :) I don't know, we were young and weird. Funn that I should be able to remember that though. I took french 3 times so you'd think I'd be able to understand what you wrote, but no...I can say it better than actually know what it's saying.

Anyway, I do love the piece though. Beautiful colors. The movement in it is amazing and the colors are perfectly balanced. I swept away by it! Gorgeous work!


Meliss a dit…

apparently I can't write English very well either.

I meant to say "Funny" and "I'm swept away by it."

oh well!

Sharmon Davidson a dit…

Tres beau! What is the medium?

Bleubeard and Elizabeth a dit…

I hope your show was a success. Your painting is gorgeous.

Holly Dean a dit…

Your painting is exquisite! Tres beau or belle?

Jill Zaheer a dit…

Love the energy and motion of your artwork! Found you through Seth Apter's Buried Treasure and so glad I did. Wonderful selection for your repost! Many thanks!

MrCachet a dit…

It's nice to see that you've included the Translate option! I grew to the age of five in a bilingual family, but unfortunately never learned to read it. Once I started school, my parents made me speak ANGLAIS only at home! Your repost is wonderful, and I wish you the best of luck with your show. I just had the opening of my first one-man show, so I'm trying to catch up on what I missed of the Buried Treasure!