dimanche 24 juillet 2011

The Pulse - 5ème édition

L'artiste américain Seth Apter a récemment organisé une enquête auprès de nombreux artistes mixed media. Il en a compilé les réponses qui vont nourrir son blog dans les mois à venir. Pas moins de 130 artistes internationaux ont répondu à l'appel! N'hésitez pas à aller visiter The Altered Page pour découvrir d'autres univers! Cette semaine, j'ai également le plaisir d'être à l'affiche dans cette 5ème édition de The Pulse.

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MrCachet a dit…

I'm here via Seth - and although I am French and grew up in a bilingual family, sadly I lost it when I started school. You might consider adding a Google Translate option at the top of your blog. I'd love to read your posts, as I really enjoy your art!

Lise a dit…

Hi MrCachet!

Many thanks for your comment. I understand reading in French can be a bit difficult for my readers. You can find a translator in the right side bar.


Seth a dit…

I am pleased that you are part of The Pulse as well. Thanks for helping get the word out!

Lise a dit…

THANK YOU, Seth, for organizing collaboration, for creating a network between artists, for allowing me to know wonderful artists from all over the world!

Take care,

TJ a dit…

Hi Lise,
I'm here from Seth's site too. I love that your style revolves around your positive feelings! That's absolutely beautiful.
Best wishes from germany, tj

Ange a dit…

Super chouette - Moi aussi j'y participe. Je file de suite te voir là bas :)

Ange a dit…

You are definitely full of positive emotions and good vibes. You make my heart sing anyway.